Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter in the Lake District

Lake District

We're far too hardy (or foolish) to let a forecast of snow put us off camping so we set off for Turner Hall Farm Campsite, got pitched in a relatively sheltered spot after only a minor mishap getting the car stuck in the mud. Luckily Mik managed to push me out but not before I'd sprayed mud all over the side of someones campervan! Had a wander around, stocked up on supplies and spent my Christmas money on a lovely Down jacket that proved money very well spent over the course of the weekend. Arrived back at the campsite to be greeted by howling winds, going to bed hungry was the favoured option over trying to cook. One very noisy night later (although the tent stood up admirably) we woke up to find several tents had disappeared in the night and it was still very windy.

Not to be deterred we set off for Grizedale and were surprised to find glorious sunshine and shelter from the wind amongst the trees. Ten minutes into the ride we found we were stripping off the layers. Found the North Face Trail to be really nice, some slightly technical stuff amongst the trees then amazing views to make the boring riding along the fire roads worthwhile. Unfortunately the trip was cut slightly short by somebody falling of his bike and hurting his thumb (and his shoulder and ripping his jacket) but was good nonetheless. Thankfully the wind had calmed considerably by the evening and with my recently purchased jacket we could sit and cook outside quite happily.

Sunday morning and the world was white. Not quite snow where we were, more frozen sleet but pretty all the same. Finally registered that the strange sounds in the night had been ice sliding off the flysheet. A fairly relaxing day since the injured one wasn't up to much, driving round, seeing some places we'd not seen before, going for a few short wanders.

Monday morning and time for home, although not before one rather scary drive over Wrynose pass complete with frozen snow on the road.

LangdaleBiking at Grizedale