Friday, November 30, 2007

Silver Worms

These big silver worms eat people! I have seen them sliding through the streets, with men, women and children in their bellies. They must be stopped!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Trent Lock Circular

walk   loch   loch

A nice ride along the river to Trent Lock, through Kegworth and then back towards the river. Then things got a bit more 'interesting' as we attempted to navigate our way along a bridleway across the fields in the fading light, our wheels totally seized up with huge quantities of the clay soil. Headlights alerted us to a road nearby and we managed to gain the tarmac again. Before long we were once again lost in a field, the bridleway sign pointed towards a track that looked promise, but alas it disappeared into nothingness. By this time the light was well and truly faded. Although we could make out our destination in the distance, various dykes, reeds, and water courses prevented us from getting there so we had no choice but to turn back and stick to the main roads. So a real adventure, nearly 40 miles in all including detours, a bit longer than anticipated but mostly good fun.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Grangemill Circuit

Having faith in the weatherman's predictions that Sunday would be a total washout we dragged ourselves to the peak to complete a leisurely 11 mile bike ride. The first half followed the High Peak Trail and the cuttings and embankments provided shelter from the wind most of the way. The second half had us wishing that we'd already invested in the clear glasses we'd been talking about, wheels flinging sheep and cow poo at you takes some of the enjoyment away from downhill sections.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

My first Munro!

walk   loch

Well, the nightmare 7 hour journey up to Scotland for the weekend proved to be worthwhile. Although did start to doubt that it just wasn't meant to be after we spent an hour getting lost trying to find Asda before getting to the hills and then our chosen route turned out to be no go due to 'deer management'. But alternatives are never far away in that part of Scotland.

Saturday we walked up Coire Odhar up to Ben Lawers (my first munro) then across to Beinn Ghlas (my second munro) and down again the same way we came. We'd had a late start so the light was soon fading but we just managed to make it to the cars without resorting to the headtorches.

Camped in a nice little spot beside Loch Tay and a babbling brook and Sunday we took a leisurely drive back, enjoying the views, the lochs and the autumn colours.