Sunday, November 04, 2007

My first Munro!

walk   loch

Well, the nightmare 7 hour journey up to Scotland for the weekend proved to be worthwhile. Although did start to doubt that it just wasn't meant to be after we spent an hour getting lost trying to find Asda before getting to the hills and then our chosen route turned out to be no go due to 'deer management'. But alternatives are never far away in that part of Scotland.

Saturday we walked up Coire Odhar up to Ben Lawers (my first munro) then across to Beinn Ghlas (my second munro) and down again the same way we came. We'd had a late start so the light was soon fading but we just managed to make it to the cars without resorting to the headtorches.

Camped in a nice little spot beside Loch Tay and a babbling brook and Sunday we took a leisurely drive back, enjoying the views, the lochs and the autumn colours.

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