Monday, November 26, 2007

Trent Lock Circular

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A nice ride along the river to Trent Lock, through Kegworth and then back towards the river. Then things got a bit more 'interesting' as we attempted to navigate our way along a bridleway across the fields in the fading light, our wheels totally seized up with huge quantities of the clay soil. Headlights alerted us to a road nearby and we managed to gain the tarmac again. Before long we were once again lost in a field, the bridleway sign pointed towards a track that looked promise, but alas it disappeared into nothingness. By this time the light was well and truly faded. Although we could make out our destination in the distance, various dykes, reeds, and water courses prevented us from getting there so we had no choice but to turn back and stick to the main roads. So a real adventure, nearly 40 miles in all including detours, a bit longer than anticipated but mostly good fun.

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