Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day 21 - Valle de Pineta

We start off doing another section of the GR11 today, and I'm thanking my lucky stars we weren't doing it with packs on because it was about as steep as it can get. The original plan was to climb up to the Col de Añisclo but seeing as it would just mean heading up into the clouds/mist we take a right along the Faja de Tormosa instead. We didn't see a soul, although a little marmot did pop out from behind a rock to say hello and we managed to find some dessert in the form of wild raspberries along the way.

Descend back down to the valley right by the Cascada del Cinca, Monte Perdido still hiding amongst the clouds and then up to Llanos de La Larri before calling it a day, in fact calling it 21 days because this was our last day of hiking in the Pyrenees.

Route Map