Monday, August 07, 2006

Day 4

Waking up with this sort of view is pretty nice.

Walked down to the Refugi de Vall Ferrera and then up the Sotllo valley and Estany de Sotllo, so far so good.

Following red and white signs without too much thinking we eventually reach to the top of a coll after a very steep scree slope (this turned out to be Port de Sotllo at 2894m). At the top we're a little confused about the route but if you've climbed up one side of a coll the only correct way is to go down the other side - surely? Well, turns out that logic only works if you've gone up the right coll in the first place. Unfortunately for us we hadn't. By this time though it was getting late and we only had about an hour of light left. We just about manage to find somewhere where we can pitch the tent. So we spend a delightful night in France, trying to sleep on a 30 degree slope, there's some nice big rocks amongst the grass as well, just for good measure!