Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sun, sea, sand and starfish

Ok, so the sun only put in brief appearances but the title wouldn't have worked so well otherwise!

First of all to Esbjerg for a quick wander round the shops dodging the showers and Santa Claus. Then to Blåvand, the kite shop was closed though :-( probably for the best as we could only endure being out in the wind and rain for 10 minutes at Blåvands Hug, the most westerly point in Danmark.
After waving to England and Scotland we drove further north to Vejers right onto the beach. The rain had stopped but the evidence of previous bad weather was literally littering the beach. Thousands of starfish and razor shells (see here ) Never seen anything like it before. We looked for amber, but only Mikkel's dad was successful but it's my souvenir. The sun put in one final appearance and the reflections were amazing, pretty pictures on a cold, wet December day
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